Across the United States, the business of retail is in for a rude awakening. The decline of shopping malls has been obscured by a turbulent political climate. One in ten Americans is employed in the retail industry, an environment that is susceptible to a crumbling future due to overbuilding and changing consumer habits. Reports from […]

The days are longer, the sun’s rays are gentle and warm, and my winter coat has migrated to the back of my closet. It’s Spring. Given this, I felt the urge to upgrade my wardrobe with some shirts that reflected both my newfound appreciation for fashion and desire to express it. My shopping excursion started […]

In physics, a phase transition is when a system either absorbs or emits energy, resulting in its transition from one state to another. An example of a phase transition is when ice turns into water. This transition requires energy in the form of heat. The exact moment when water is ready to turn into a […]

Business is a game. There are strict governing bodies, rules to play by, and best practices that increase your chance of success. Games allow for free movement within rigid structures. The people who win utilize skill, strategy, and luck. Athletes compete for championships. Academics compete for influence. Entrepreneurs compete for profit. Creators compete for attention. […]

The rise of robots and sophisticated computer algorithms has workers around the world fearing automation. This widespread distress has contributed to today’s turbulent political environment and specifically, many of the issues that plague middle America. The digital revolution is a fiercely powerful trend. By some estimates, 65% of students entering primary school today will end […]

The only certainty is uncertainty. 65% of students entering primary school today will end up working jobs that don’t exist yet. To enable students to realize the American dream, school should prepare students for the world of the future in ways our incumbent school system isn’t made for. Today’s school system was built for the […]

Everybody wants to be more creative. We are told to think “outside the box” and “focus on being creative.” These recommendations reflect an inherent misunderstanding of where inspiration comes from. Creativity unfolds subconsciously. It rarely happens purposefully and when it does, it is a byproduct of a more fundamental truth: creativity happens at intersections. Novelty […]

Life is a perennial journey of self-discovery. In our younger years, we see learning as a chore. It is only when learning is no longer mandatory that we come to appreciate its inherent beauty. We begin to love learning for its intrinsic value. Not for a better grade or to impress somebody else. Learning emerges […]

All people crave significance. We long for the assurance that our time on earth is inherently worth something. In pursuit of personal fulfillment, we live unconsciously, guided by ephemeral pleasures and sacrificing meaning for happiness. Ancient wisdom and modern wisdom tells us that the pursuit of meaning trumps the pursuit of happiness because it grants […]